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Photo Inventory

Photo Inventory Services

Keep Track of Your Stuff

iCat Content Management Software

As comedian George Carlin said in one of his most memorable routines, we have to find a place for our stuff. Fortunately, Pack Out On The Go understands that we need a place for our stuff and knows how to help you accomplish just that. What makes Pack Out On The Go different from other contents companies is that we provide our clients with a Photo Inventory of their belongings, along with supplying our customers with software that allows them to log into and track their "stuff" whenever and wherever they so desire.

Photo Inventory During Pack Outs

One of our primary services is what content management companies call the pack out process. This type of packing occurs when a disaster, a significant renovation, or any other event takes place which forces a family to move out of their home for a specified period until the completion of the reparation of the house. Pack Out On The Go can remove everything from your home; document and measure each piece of furniture; verify exactly the location of each rug and piece of art, and know where everything is placed when it is brought back in after the repairs.During this entire process, your items are logged into our photo inventory software.

The Photo Inventory Process

Unlike most moving and storage companies. Pack Out On The Go provides its clients with a photo inventory of their belongings. This feature includes:

  1. Detailed photo reports and online access that enable home and business owners the ability to track their pieces
  2. Login and viewing of every detail of every item in your inventory through the use of photographs
  3. Receipt of reports concerning Salvage and Non-Salvage inventory by way of Word, PDF, or Excel
  4. Photo-inventory also enables barcoded item tracking
  5. Thoroughly itemized inventory

iCat Contents Management

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Pack Out On The Go uses iCat's modern contents management software for all of our services: pack outs, content restoration, and storage. iCAT contents management enables Pack Out On The Go to process household contents through the use of asset tracking software and mobile applications. iCat offers inventory control, management, and transparency via an all-in-one product.

Trust Your Belongings to Pack Out On The Go

Whether you are looking for contents management for residential homes or commercial buildings we know the ropes, and we have experience with every type of move.

To discuss your move with one of our staff members, call us at (954) 800-6800 and get a free estimate on your job. We offer the most professional and attentive full-service moving and storing package in our region. And we guarantee that our group of specialists will handle the pack out or restoration of your most cherished belongings in a manner that you will appreciate.

Contact us today and let us take on this life-changing and stressful event for you.