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Pack Out and Pack Back

Pack Out Services

What Are Pack Out and Pack Back Services?

Pack Out and Pack Back

Home damage can be a stressful experience for everyone involved. Maybe you are a home owner who has experienced major water damage. Perhaps your home needs repair due to a storm. Or you may be in the process of restoring a home. Whatever the situation may be, the furniture and other items in the house need to be removed to allow the work to be completed. The house needs to be restored, but the workers can't do their job with couches, tables, beds, and TV stands in the way. Our pack out and pack back services will simplify the process. We are, in short, your Content Quarterback! And with us on your team, you are sure to win.

We Document How the Content is Placed

Getting restoration and remodeling done is often intimidating for a homeowner because they do not want anything to change. They don't want their furniture shoved into a dusty garage and then dumped back in their house in a haphazard way after the restoration is complete. They want to keep their familiar set-up. And we completely understand; we take pictures and detailed notes of the content so that we know exactly how to place it once we bring it back. We also have an in-depth discussion with the homeowner so that we are on the same page with them. We go the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction.

We Carefully Assess and Handle the Content

It is time to get moving. We are experts at getting content out of your way so that you can do your job. We carefully and efficiently move the content out of the damaged areas, making sure to consider what state the content is in. While we do not move structure (i.e. we do not remove walls, etc), we are committed to making your life as easy as possible by removing all the content. That is to say, we don't do anything half way. If we take on a job, we are all in. Our skilled workers are extremely careful with each item, so that there are absolutely zero concerns.

We Determine the State of the Content

The preservation of each and every item is very important to us and to our workers. Also, we know and understand that homeowners want to keep track of their items while they are in storage. They want to make sure that the content is being well taken care of. And so do we; we upload a complete content inventory, complete with photos of each item. We also make sure that if any items are unable to be restored, the homeowner knows about that as well. We are just as concerned about the content as the owners themselves. And we want to do everything we can to give our clients peace of mind.

We Restore Damaged Content

We are not just movers. Our competent workers know how to begin the restoration process on damaged items. We carefully clean each and every item that can be restored. This can be a huge task, but it does not daunt us. Homeowners can know that their content is far safer than if they tried to clean it on their own. We are, after all, the professionals. Once the content is as clean as it can be made, we carefully pack it. Again, we treat the content with the same care as the owner would treat it, and with far more skill.

We Store the Content in a Safe, Climate-Controlled Facility

Once packed, the content is carefully stored until the restoration work is complete. This is not your average, self-storage garage. Rather, we take pride in the extreme high quality of our facilities. Our storage buildings are clean and climate controlled. Surveillance cameras are running 24/7 to ensure the safety of the content. Additionally, we know that homeowners and insurance agencies like to keep track of the content and we make it easy for them to do this; online inventories can be accessed by any party at any time. This is stress-free storage at its best.

We Return the Content to Its Original Location

Last but not least, when the restoration work is complete, we return the content to exactly the same place it was before. Using the carefully made notes and pictures, our workers will set up the content exactly how the homeowner wants it, leaving the homeowner to sit back, relax, and watch his house become a home once again. What is more, the homeowner will be getting the content back in better condition than it was, since we will have already cleaned it. In fact, we make it our mission to leave everything better than we found it.

Our Pack Out and Pack Back workers are inspired by compassion, excellency, and a strong work ethic. We understand that home damage can be hard for everyone, and we are ready to come alongside you every step of the way. We are committed to giving you the best of the best, both with our attitudes and with our work. We are efficient and effective, and we won't stop until a job is done and done well.

Whether you are dealing with damage in your home or are planning renovations, you don't have to feel like you need to do everything on your own. We are here to help. If you would like compassionate, efficient moving help, make sure to contact us.

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